The Customer 

Data Aggregator and Experience Builder 
in one SDK

Cere uses Machine Learning to augment your Data to determine ”Smart Offers” and drive Engagement for each customer individually.  

No Code

Drop-in SDK + no-code framework (Instant personalization. Simplified)


Dynamic orchestrated 
API-less integrations 


Each Customer’s Unified Journey (fully encrypted without PII) 


Federated queries into 
existing data platforms 

Shared Queries
In Real Time 

Shared user queries in real-time (no need to build another segment) 

Forget Your

Old Release Process.

See Instant Results!

Cere’s smart offers and rewards are data driven, increasing your bottom line

The Old Way Of 
Personalizing Features 

Real-time Feature 
Launch With Cere

AI       Engagement 2.0

  • Goal-oriented AI-based Feedback Loops that continuously improve performance

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Automatic Priorization of Campaigns

  • Dynamic In-App Product Recommendations

AI       Loyalty 2.0

  • Turn Key Solution with Campaigns, Smart Offers, Rewards. 

  • Seamlessly extend existing Loyalty Management Systems

  • Dedicated Account Management and ML/AI Team Support

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Grow your business with Cere

For Retail

For Travel & Mobility

For Publishers

Upgrade your first-party data strategy into real-time 

We provide a drop-in solution to boost your brand's first-party data strategy with an integrated real-time, event-based framework to seamlessly engage your user online and in-store. Our personalization and real-time integraction tools will delight your customer with an enriched and evolving experience with product offering across all of your portfolio and partners.

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